Come With Me – Ariel

Intimate moments between the Lord and us as His worshipers.

Ariel has just finished her 5th year in our Prayer Room at Destiny Church in St. Louis. She has learned to flow in the presence and anointing of God as she continues to do multiple 90 minute prayer rooms sets week to week.

comewithmecdcoverPeople asked Ariel to record their favorite songs they heard her singing and playing in the Prayer Room. So Come With Me helped fulfill that request and became so much more.

I am forever grateful to Ariel for obeying God and doing this CD.

Here is one testimony from - LY

I was given a copy of Come With Me while I was in the hospital. As I played it, people came into my room to find out what I was listening to. They said it was so peaceful. I honestly believe that the power of the anointing from the CD aided in speeding up my recovery process. As my spirit soared I felt the Lord's presence and I believe this affected the healing of my physical body. My doctor said it would take 4 months for me to recover and I was back to work in 5 weeks. I am forever grateful to Ariel for obeying God and doing this CD.

Here are some of people's favorite songs from Come With Me: (all songs can be found and purchased in iTunes and can be previewed below)

There's a Gap (in my soul) - [Laura Hackett's song] a song that will help you sense the presence and the peace of God as you wait for Him.

More Like You (I want to be perfect for You) - this song will increase your desire to be more like Jesus. Ariel is singing with a full band. It is one of the most powerful songs on the CD.

Garden (Come into Your Garden) - [Misty Edwards' song] from the Bible book Song of Songs. This is a heartfelt cry for intimacy in our relationship with the Lord. It speaks of the Bride and Bridegroom dynamic.

Could I (just rest here awhile letting You whisper my burdens away) This is just Ariel and her piano singing directly to the Lord. The power of this song will draw you to the deepest places with Jesus and bring strength to your weary heart.

There is a total of 9 songs on this CD. The total length and running time for the CD is 54:33